Cody McKenzie… Impressive in his Loss

Fight for the Troops 2 in Fort Hood was another spectacular night for the UFC.  Not only did it show love for the Americans who protect our freedom, but it displayed some of the rising stars of MMA.  A particular fighter that MMA fans should be proud of actually lost his fight.  I am talking about Cody McKenzie.

Cody McKenzie

Why would you be proud of a loss, you ask?  Simple.  He showed heart against a more experienced fighter.  How much more experienced is Yves Edwards?  Edwards, 34, has fought in over fifty mixed martial arts bouts.  Cody McKenzie, 23, has fought in thirteen.  Being McKenzie’s first loss, we can all agree he went out in style.

McKenzie, of all people, knows what is going to happen when the opponent gets his arm under the chin. McKenzie chose not to tap.  He gave every last effort to get out of the hold until he was ruled unconscious.

While there have been many submissions ending with an unconscious fighter, the one that stands out more than any other is when Chuck Liddell was choked out by Jeremy Horn.  That is when I realized what a bad ass this guy was.  Cody McKenzie is now my most memorable since the audience watched him struggle until the end.  That is heart.

While McKenzie did not impress many fans with his standup, he still has a great ground game.  Say what you want about him being a “one trick pony”, but this kid has heart.  Since he is only 23 years old, he has plenty of time to develop the stand up game that is required.  With the perseverance shown against Edwards and his endless varieties of guillotine, McKenzie has potential to become a very dangerous fighter.


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