Which Brock Lesnar will show up?

After Brock Lesnar was announced as The Ultimate Fighter season, many people began judging the decision.  Brock has not had much experience as a mixed martial arts fighter, seven fights to be exact.  He became the UFC Heavyweight Champion by defeating Randy Couture by TKO in what was Brock’s fourth fight.  He then successfully defended the belt twice before losing to Cain Velasquez.

Even though seven fights seems like a weak resume for an Ultimate Fighter coach, he will most likely be getting help from his own coaches, which may include Erik Paulson.  Paulson has coached Sean Sherk, Ken Shamrock and Josh Barnett.  Even an experienced fighter such as George St. Pierre brought in ten different coaches, including the well-known coaches such as Freddie Roach and Greg Jackson.  Hopefully, if Brock is not an expert in a certain area, he will atleast help his team by resorting to a coach who is an expert.

A big influence on this decision had to be the popularity and celebrity status of Brock Lesnar.  The ratings should be high when everyone tunes in to see the former WWE star step in to coach the up and coming fighters of the UFC.

After being criticized for not being able to live in a house with cameras for an extended period of time, Brock took the job.  It will be interesting to see if Lesnar is the cocky, loudmouthed beast that came out after his win against Frank Mir.  The Brock that yelled into cameras and announced that he was going home to drink a Coor’s light even though Bud light is clearly one of UFC’s biggest sponsors.  Maybe we will see the humble mountain man who prefers to stay humble and out of the spotlight.  It will be a good season either way and the fight against Junior Dos Santos should be a memorable one.


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