Griffin and Franklin will be Explosive

At UFC 126 this weekend, we will have the privilege of seeing two former champions square off in what should be an exciting fight.  Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin have similar styles; well rounded with heart and knock out power.  This combination should lead to some fireworks.

Forrest Griffin, 31 years old, has gone 8-4 in the UFC.  Surprisingly, only one of these wins came by TKO by punches.  In the first Ultimate Fighter, Forrest defeated Stephan Bonner in what could be the greatest fight of all time.  The two squared off for the full fifteen minutes with kicks, punches and elbows.  Griffin has heart and looks to add on to his win over Tito Ortiz.

Rich Franklin, 36 years old, won his UFC debut against Evan Tanner back in 2003.  Since then, he has gone 12-4 with four wins coming by knockout.  The former school teacher knocked out the great Chuck Liddell in his last bout and looks to add to the win.

Both men have the heart to go hard for all three rounds.  Both men have the knockout power required to put their opponent down.  Both have had the title taken away from them, Franklin at Middleweight and Griffin at Light Heavyweight.

It’s also fitting that they will be fighting on the same card as Anderson Silva since he took down both fighters, including the win that took the belt from Franklin.   It should be a phenomenal fight and there will be blood and sweat left on the mat.


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