Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament Breakdoown

There has been plenty of speculation about the Heavyweight Tournament since Strikeforce founder, Scott Coker, announced it to the public.  The lineup includes the well-known Fedor Emelianenko, former UFC heavyweight champions Josh Barnett and Andrei Arlovski, and the current Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem.  With these fighters involved, the tournament should be impressive.

Critics of the tournament will state that it will not be as meaningful without the belt on the line.  I disagree.  If Josh Barnett wins the tournament without ever facing Alistair Overeem, does he deserve to take the belt from him?  Some may say that if Verdum beats Overeem, and then Barnett defeats Verdum, Josh Barnett does in fact deserve the title.  That would defeat the purpose of the tournament.

The only criticism I have is that it would have made more sense if Overeem did not participate in the tournament and simply waited for the winner.  Supposedly, the winner will fight Overeem.  I think Alistair should be patiently waiting rather than risking injury when he is already the champion.  I appreciate his willingness to fight, but it does not make too much sense.

Overall, the tournament is a great idea to get viewers watching Strikeforce.  Due to the injuries going on in the UFC, Strikeforce may have the strongest heavyweight division in mixed martial arts and they are about to showcase it to the world.  Let’s hope that it lives up to the hype.


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