The Fall of The Last Emperor

In this growing sport, there seems to be a glaring weakness.  Fans immediately turn on a fighter after a loss or two.  In every sport, there are times when athletes are not living up to expectations, when their talents are not being showcase to the fullest potential.

Sit tight on Fedor Emelianenko.  The 34 year old has time to prove to his many fans that he still has what it takes.  Why should people lose faith in a fighter who has gone 31-3-1?  Did this man not prove that size disadvantages can be overcome?  Did he not defeat some of the best heavyweights in the world?  Do two losses cause fans to forget that he went undefeated for more than eight years?  Apparently it does.

While Fedor should not be counted out, he does appear to need a gut check. His intensity was not apparent before his fight with Antonio Silva.  Fedor needs to decide whether he really wants to fight again.  Unless he is committed, he could be in danger of dropping three straight fights.

Please, MMA fans everywhere, have faith in this man.  He has displayed amazing talent and dominance in the sport.  If Fedor decides to fight again, all hail the Last Emperor.


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